NDIS Support Coordination & Plan Management

Providing support to participants and also helping them manage their NDIS plan

We alleviate stress for participants

Understanding the various elements of the NDIS can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of steps in place that confuse many participants, families and carers. That is where we come in. At Patches, we relieve you from the stress of choosing providers and managing funding, through support coordination and plan management. We improve your participant journey and allow you to focus on what is most important – yourself and your loved ones.

Support Coordination

As a participant, you will receive a letter from the NDIS confirming your eligibility and funding for support coordination.  If this is available in your plan you can choose Patches for your support coordination.  Patches support coordinators will work with you every step of the way in using your NDIS Plan. We’ll be here to help you find the support you need to achieve your goals. We have a passion for helping individuals and families living with disability to plan and control their therapy and support, and to link with the most appropriate services. We will act in your best interests and advocate for you.

Your support coordinator will focus on helping you understand your NDIS plan, link you to services in your community and empower you to exercise control in decision making.

We encourage you to start the conversation with us today by reaching out to your local office. 

A support coordinator from Patches can help you

  • Understand your NDIS plan 
  • Connect with community and government partners including therapy services, Centrelink, housing, health, education, and employment services
  • Help you use the NDIS portal to find providers and people who can help to support you
  • Help you set goals and assist you to choose the best providers for you to achieve your NDIS goals 
  • Prepare for your independent assessment or plan review to ensure your NDIS funding is adequate and appropriate to your needs as they change over time

Plan Management

Plan management is the financial management of NDIS plan expenses by making payments to therapy or support providers on behalf of participants, and claiming for payment from the NDIS. 

As registered NDIS plan managers, we will be here with you from the very start. No matter what your circumstances are or where you are in Australia, we will look after your plan management needs. Your dedicated plan manager has advanced accounting skills and will assist you by appropriately paying your providers from your NDIS funds. Because Patches is also an NDIS therapy provider, our plan managers combine sound knowledge of the NDIS, and a knowledge of service providers and clinical supports required. We will go the extra mile to ensure your NDIS funding is appropriately managed. 

A plan manager from Patches will

  • Receive invoices and pay providers on your behalf
  • Make claims through the NDIS portal
  • Respond promptly to any queries you have to take the stress out of the NDIS financial processes for you

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