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About us

Helping individuals and
communities through diagnostic
and therapy services.

Supporting individuals

Seeing a society where children, adults and families are equipped to reach their full potential is our goal. Where each individual finds their place in the community and takes charge through functional independent living. This concept is what drives Patches Australia.

We know that life is a journey. Guiding you through diagnosis, and into therapy and support, we make life easier for individuals and their families.

Our diagnostic experts, and NDIS registered therapy providers, have experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Global Developmental Delay, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and many other diagnoses. After diagnosis, our allied health, psychology and medical team will support you and your family in a seamless journey. Our systems, processes and infrastructure ensure our clinicians across WA and Australia deliver tailored solutions for you, wherever you live. We want to see you living a better, more fulfilled and independent life.

Empowering communities

At Patches, we change lives by empowering communities. By helping support each individual, a community will thrive. We do this by delivering high quality diagnostic and therapy services. Working with communities in a holistic manner forms the foundation of why we do what we do.

We are a multi-disciplinary allied health, psychology, and medical service provider. Following diagnosis, our team provides services to people through the NDIS and privately, which includes occupational therapy, speech pathology, social work, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, and psychology.

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Patches was started by paediatrician Dr. James Fitzpatrick with a focus on ensuring that all Australians have access to quality developmental, disability, and therapy intervention services. The business has since expanded to include diagnostic and therapy supports, serving clients of all ages. We now have clinics across the country with a variety of allied health, medical, and psychology professionals servicing vast areas.

Changing lives

Our service delivery ensures we look after you and your best interests. From diagnostics, telehealth, therapy services to our outreach and justice system programs, we believe that early detection and early intervention will lead to better outcomes for you. By improving a young person’s health and developmental outcomes, we increase their chances of achieving a higher level of education, a greater degree of participation, and set them up for success later in life.

Our Partners

Working better together with the help of collaborating organizations. 
We would not be able to deliver our diagnostic and therapy services without the help of our partners.

Begin the journey towards functional independent living

We are here to help children, parents, families, and adults lead a more independent future. Through our services, Patches is committed to ensuring seamless diagnosis, and ongoing evidence-based therapy and support is provided to all Australians, wherever you are.

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Assessment Services

Assessment Services

Our assessment services
are comprehensive and tailored to each individual person.

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Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Our therapy services include individual, group, telehealth sessions as well as professional development.

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NDIS Support and Plan Management

NDIS Support and Plan Management

Our NDIS support coordinators and plan managers are to support you.
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