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ADHD is a Superpower!

Picture of Dr James Fitzpatrick

Dr James Fitzpatrick

Paediatrician & CEO, Patches Australia

ADHD is a superpower that has spirited along many of the world’s greatest achievements and historical figures. 

In ancient times, and when we lived more closely within a natural environment, ADHD helped humans to scan their environment for danger, for food, and for opportunities for social interaction.

In modern times, our ADHD can mean it is difficult to sit and focus and learn in a formal school environment, it can make us seem less engaged to those who may need our undivided attention, and it may cause us to do or say things before we think them through.

We are only concerned when our ADHD is causing a negative impact on learning or self-esteem and mental health, or if it is interfering with making and maintaining relationships. In these cases, ADHD diagnosis, ADHD therapy, and ADHD medications, are likely to be a good idea.

This Superpower that we call ADHD sometimes comes up against walls such as the need to sit still and focus on learning at school, or the need to stay quiet and listen to a peer so that they invite you to their birthday party. It is only when ADHD is causing a functional, social, or emotional worry, that we consider it important to diagnose ADHD, provide ADHD specific strategies, or provide ADHD medications. 

In this podcast, paediatrician and CEO of Patches, Dr James Fitzpatrick, shares insights for understanding and embracing the Superpower that is your ADHD. 

Click on the link below for free access to this informative podcast. 

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