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Assessment services

Providing a one-stop-shop for assessment of a variety of conditions. Everything you need, in one Patches assessment team.

An assessment with Patches

Understanding where to start is the first step towards functional independence and independent living. Our assessments services are comprehensive and tailored to each client. We provide all of the clinicians that you require for your diagnosis, on one team, with a diagnostic report provided to you within days or weeks of assessment. Our assessments services are comprehensive, and we specialise in the diagnosis of ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Intellectual Disability, Learning Difficulties, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Global Developmental Delay (GDD) and other diagnoses.

Our process

The Patches assessment process may involve an assessment team that includes a medical doctor, speech pathologist, psychologist, and occupational therapist. Patches provides all of these assessments in a coordinated diagnostic process to reduce the cost to you, and improve the client journey. So that you can quickly move forward, we provide diagnostic reports written for you, the client, within a short timeframe. Following your diagnosis, Patches can provide ongoing support and therapy services.

Step 1

Understanding your needs and goals: Gathering academic, behavioural and past assessment information from school and home, via referral forms and screening questionnaires.

Step 2

Listening to you: Taking a full developmental history in a diagnostic interview from individuals or carers, including information about pregnancy and infancy, through early childhood and to the current time.

Step 3

Assessing strengths, challenges, and symptoms: Speaking with, observing, and conducting testing with the child, adolescent or adult either in person or via telehealth, using evidence-based and standardised assessments. Assessment with multiple clinicians can be conducted for you on the same day.

Step 4

Making sense of things and providing the pathway forward: Our clinical team will meet for a case conference to formulate a diagnosis, and communicate this with the client or family and the referring doctor, by providing a comprehensive diagnostic report. Evidence relating to NDIS or other funding eligibility will be presented, and recommendations for therapy and support provided. Families and clients can book a feedback session with one of our clinicians if they wish to discuss or clarify their diagnostic report.

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Our committed specialist teams are here to answer your asessment questions so that you, your loved ones or clients can move forward with leading a functional independent life. Speak to our team today.

Is your child missing the opportunity to reach their academic potential? Do they struggle to sit still, pay attention, are easily distracted or have impulsive behaviour? Perhaps you need to consider an ADHD assessment with Patches. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common behavioural barrier for people striving to achieve their academic, workplace, or social potential. Earlier diagnosis enables greater benefits for children academically and socially. Generally, Patches can provide diagnosis in children from 5 years onwards. 

There are many behavioural and medication approaches to helping people with ADHD to regain control and reach their potential. Patches provides holistic medical management and therapy programs for people living with ADHD.

Patches provides an ADHD diagnostic service through telehealth or face-to-face assessments.

Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental condition which affects social communication and social interaction, with restricted or repetitive behaviours and interests. Autism Spectrum Disorder affects each person differently and it is important that individuals with autism receive specialist assessment and support that is tailored to their needs across the lifecourse.

Patches is a leading autism assessment provider and your assessment can be completed on one day, by one team, in a seamless and cost effective process. Better still, you will have your diagnostic report provided to you within a short timeframe so that you can have your questions answered, and move forward with your lives and into therapy and support. Patches provides ongoing medical, allied health and psychology management of common issues in autism such as anxiety, attention and sleep difficulties, social communication difficulties and behavioural dysregulation. 

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a lifelong condition relating to permanent brain damage caused by exposure to alcohol during pregnancy. There is increasing awareness in Australia that couples who are planning a pregnancy, or are pregnant, should take a break from drinking throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding to give their child the best start to life. However, many Australians are affected by FASD and Patches is one of Australia’s most active FASD diagnostic services. We provide a multidisciplinary assessment in a non-judgemental manner, and link individuals and families to the NDIS and to evidence-based services and supports. While FASD is a lifelong condition, the future can be bright for those affected. This journey starts with diagnosis, acceptance and understanding. 

Patches is here to help you understand your condition and can provide ongoing medical, allied health and psychology support for those living with FASD and their families.

Does your child struggle at school? Perhaps they are having difficulties with reading, writing, or mathematics which are causing concerns. Specific Learning Disorders can be diagnosed by our experienced psychologists, as they get to the root of the problem and assess why this is happening. The testing includes assessing academic difficulties in addition to a full neuropsychology assessment. We also investigate whether co-existing difficulties such as ADHD or anxiety may be contributing to your child’s learning difficulties.

Everybody has a different level of cognitive functioning, ranging from degrees of disability to giftedness or above expected cognitive functioning. Our psychologists can assess cognition of all levels, in people of all ages.
Intellectual Disability (ID) is characterised by below average intellectual functioning and difficulty with everyday living, and can be diagnosed from six years of age and throughout adulthood. The degree of intellectual disability and its impact on daily life varies from person to person, and there are many causes of ID. People with ID often learn at a slower rate than others. They can have problems with memory, thinking, planning and organisation, and learning. But with appropriate diagnosis and support, people with ID can lead fulfilling, productive and amazing lives.
Cognitive assessments are not only helpful for those individuals who may have an ID, they can also assist parents and teachers to identify particular strengths and weaknesses that may be impacting on schooling. An educational and neuropsychological assessment can help students by understanding their capabilities in order to best cater for their needs.
Patches can assist in both general educational assessments to assist in educational planning and any possible co-existing difficulties such as ASD or ADHD; as well as identifying gifted children.

Patches offers neuropsychological and forensic psychology reports for the legal and justice systems. These assessments help to understand an individual’s intellectual and cognitive functioning, specific risks of reoffending and to inform sentencing processes and therapy or diversion pathways. Patches also conducts medical and speech pathology assessments in combination with psychology assessments for specific conditions such as Autism, FASD, and other disorders.

Patches is one of Australia’s most active national providers of complex assessments for the justice system, with a clinical research program in partnership with The University of Western Australia, and a national NDIS therapy project to help people with disability in the Justice system enter employment and create more positive lives. At Patches we care about the impact of disability within the criminal justice system, and improving outcomes within the community.

Specific Justice system referrals can be made by contacting justicereferrals@patches.com.au 

Patches offers visiting outreach and telehealth services to any location in Australia. Our services are available through telehealth on request. Patches is funded through the Australian Government’s Rural Health Outreach, and Medical Outreach – Indigenous Chronic Disease programs in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. 

Patches teams are located in capital cities and in many regional and remote communities. Our logistics, telehealth and clinical outreach programs have been developed to provide services in hard to reach populations and places. 

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Our team regularly receives referrals from an array of medical professionals, psychology or allied health providers, families and carers, or government agencies who want to see their loved one, client or participant lead a more independent future.

If you have someone in mind, please complete our contact or referral form and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon.