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Nurturing the Mind: The Role of Exercise in Mental Wellness

Titled “Nurturing the Mind through Exercise: The Role of Exercise in Mental Wellness”, our latest webinar delved into the significant impact of exercise and movement on mental well-being.

Patches CEO and Paediatrician, Dr James Fitzpatrick, and Perth and Pilbara Team Leader and Exercise Physiologist, Jake Nimmo, shared valuable insights and practical strategies to help attendees understand and leverage the connection between physical activity and mental wellness, as well as strategies for incorporating movement into classrooms.

Key Highlights Included:

  • Understanding the link between physical activity and mental wellness
  • Practical tips for incorporating exercise into daily routines across the lifespan
  • Incorporating physical activity into classroom settings and tips for implementation
  • Virtual Reality in Exercise Physiology: Discover how Patches is integrating VR experiences to enhance engagement, motivation, and mental health outcomes for our clients


To watch a recording of the session, please click on the video below.  To learn more about any of the topics discussed, or to sign up to our regular webinar series,  please get in touch via media@patches.com.au.

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